Commercial Photo Gallery

man vacuuming carpet

Hotel Sewage in Framingham, MA

When staying at a hotel, a sewage backup is not something you want to be a part of your stay. When this hotel unfortunately experienced a sewage backup leading to terrible smells and nasty carpet, our team helped restore all effected rooms. 

empty office

Flood in Foxborough Office

Floods are no fun, especially in office spaces. When this office space experienced a flood in Foxborough, MA, our team was on the scene right away to restore the commercial space. No matter what type of building, we are here for you to help you get back to normalcy after a disruptive event. 

wall with green splotches

Office Space Mold

When this office building in Wrentham, MA found extensive mold in their drywall, our team was just a call away to come and remediate all of the damage. With advanced techniques and a highly trained crew, we were able to get this company their office space back. 

hallway with water

Storage Facility Flood

After this storage facility in Milford, MA experienced water damage due to a burst pipe, our teams were able to go in and remove and restore the damage to give this space to hold people's belongings back. Water damage can be tough and can make it hard to use the places you need to use. Our SERVPRO team is here for you to make the process of restoring your property as smooth and easy as possible. 

dirt on floor

Sewer Troubles

After this hotel in Natick, MA unfortunately experienced damage from sewage, our team was able to remove and restore all affected parts. No job is too big for us, and we are happy to help anyone's property, whether it be commercial or residential. 

white building on fire

Any Building Can Catch Fire- No Matter the Size

Commercial buildings can catch fire, leading to extensive damages! When this large warehouse caught fire in Holliston, MA, our team was on the scene right away to help in the cleanup. Our team is able to tackle any challenge, no matter the size of type of damage.