Storm Damage Photo Gallery

man removing floor

Removing Water Damaged Floor Boards

Snow storms occur often in Massachusetts, and can cause damaging effects in homes, like water in places their shouldn't be water. When a burst pipe caused a flood in this Natick home after a winter snow storm, our crew was there to help restore by removing buckled floor boards. We are here for you in your time of need, no matter when it may be!

Green truck in front of brown homes on street

Storm Crew Goes All Over

This past March, our team drove our vans down form Boston to Houston and Austin to assist in the storm cleanup after a massive snow storm devastated many homes. Check out this photo of our Massachusetts truck in Texas in front of a home that was damaged by a burst pipe from freezing temperatures. 

destroyed ceiling

Snow Storm Causes Fallen Ceiling

After a historic snow storm caused burst pipes in homes throughout Texas, our team traveled down to the Houston and Austin area to assist in the restoration of homes affected by the snow storm. This photo shows our team restoring the insulation in the walls of a home that was flooded after a burst pipe. 

ceiling falling

Water Damage Caused Ceiling to Fall

This burst pipe in a home in Texas caused massive damage to many parts of the house. This photo was taken on a job in Austin, Texas after our storm team traveled down south to assist families in the restoration of their homes. We were able to remove the water and restore this ceiling to be good as new. 

green trucks on street

Storm Team on Site

Our green trucks are scattered on the road outside of this house in Texas that we restored after it was hit by a burst pipe from the snow storm. 

men in group

Discussing the Job

Check out this photo of our storm team in Texas discussing our damage restoration plan inside of a home that was affected by a burst pipe during the historic snow storm. Open communication about the job and what is going on in your space while we restore is so important to us, and we are happy to have conversations about the steps being taken. 

city skyline

Arriving in Houston

After a historic snowstorm dumped snow all over the South, our storm team arrived in Texas the day after to assist in the damage restoration caused by the storm. We know snow, and the effects it can have on homes, so we were glad to spend almost a month in Houston/Austin restoring as many homes affected by water damage as we could. Check out this photo of the Houston skyline which we captured on the day we arrived in the city!