Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

man holding device to ceiling

Checking Moisture Levels in Sherborn, MA

When cleaning up a home after water damage, figuring out all parts of the problem is crucial in the restoration process. Check out this picture of Nelson Jr. reading the moisture levels in a home damaged by a burst pipe. This is so we can have an adequate understanding of how much damage has been done, and gives us information so we can correctly solve the problem with fans and other specialized equipment. 

lady in building

24/7 Emergency Response

Our teams are available 24/7 to help your property in your time of need. No matter what type of building or when the damage occurs, our emergency response team is here to help you. 

man with foot covers on

Protecting Your Space

At SERVPRO Natick/Milford, we are committed to protecting your home or commercial property when you allow our crews in. With shoe covers, advanced masks and protective barriers to the rest of the space, you can be assured that the only damage occurring inside of your home is the damage that is already there.

men holding a painting

Care and Consideration

What sets SERVPRO apart from other damage restoration companies is our care and consideration we take into handling your belongings. Any salvageable materials affected by damage will be treated gingerly by us, to be sure we can get your home to being back to normal in no time. 

man and woman talking


Our project manager, Shawn, speaks with a homeowner about our steps to restore her home after it was affected by severe damage from a burst pipe in Houston, Texas after a snowstorm. Communication is essential in fixing a home, and makes the process smoother. At SERVPRO, you can always count on us to let you know exactly what is happening in your home or commercial property. 

men cleaning up

Keeping the Workspace Organized

As we work on the job site, it is important to us to always keep the work area clean and organized in order to be as efficient as possible. With plastic partitions between rooms and debris always fully cleaned, you can trust us to keep your home as clean and in order as possible. 

man with device

Reading Moisture Levels

Reading moisture levels is integral in a job to be sure we can take proper measures to ensure a safe and clean home. 

man painting ceiling

Rebuilds Fixing a Ceiling

Luckily, our rebuilds team is here to help get your building back to perfection after experiencing a loss! Whether you live in Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Milford, or anywhere in the area, we are here for you! 

men standing in kitchen

Working Hard on Rebuilds

Our rebuilds team working hard on another fantastic rebuilds project! Have your home completely restored all in one company at SERVPRO!